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Lack of communication between couples

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Sociology - Short and clear. On this cases an emotional assistance can be provided by the psychologists and sociologists to treat such burden, but lack of an organized health insurance can be an obstacle to the access to such services, includ- ing the social labelling and also stigmatization from the society if one's seek such help from psychologists and sociologists. Stages and types of divorce The phenomenon of divorce leaves behind a number of consequences on the individuals affected, the consequences are more severe when children are involved. The method of comparison was the method used in this study through this method we have made a comparison between Kosovo and certain other countries regarding this phenomenon. Mother who raise children alone, are more likely to be young and poor, thus living together before marriage, thus combining many risk factors for possible divorce The purpose of the research is to produce information that supports the taxation reform in the field of road traffic.

Lack of communication between couples

In order to design the taxation of transport according to that principle, it is necessary to know the marginal costs for the external effects. But, lately we have observed something interesting in our society, this is imitation of the anti values promoted by movies, we are talking about imitating the celebrities from Hollywood. They express their frustration with different symptoms of behavior such is denial, silence, turning into themselves, fatigue, sense of guilt, hostile actions, state of panic, alarming and confusion. The above-mentioned discrepancies may indicate further directions for policy action aimed at aligning the taxation systems to the needs of enterprises. Average age of divorced women is from years and for men from years, which corresponds with the facts taken from the Kosovo Agency of Statistics related to the percentages of divorced men and women so we have these Table 2. While talking about types of divorce there are some types of divorce [11]: Such cultural trends have influenced later in the adoption of a set of laws that allow such a thing! Also, this method has been used for comparisons between years and for divorce in Kosovo by gender, age, location, and duration of marriage, as well as other elements related to the phenomenon in question. From this quoting we can conclude that today, family is accepted as "an universal social institution, inside which different processes are developed such biological, educational and also social, economical and cultural [19]. If the couple cannot still find a common solution then one of the couple can file a written claim for juridical protection for advising and consultant services from lawyers. The age of respondents was 18 years and above, as for the gender of participants, While the municipality of Pristina was leading with highest number of divorce cases, in year , the leading municipality was Ferizaj municipality, which is most rural region. In fact this reflects the divorce as a social phenomenon's present in Kosovo's society also in very rural areas, which haven't been affected previously. This in fact reflects the divorce as a social phenomenon that has already started in the remote rural areas that once were not remarkable for such a thing. In Kosovo, as in other parts of the world, divorce exists from very old times, and it was passed from a generation to another and still remains one of the social problems of Kosovo society. Thesis Statements - Randolph Community College Usually, the thesis statement appears near the end of your introduction, after you It is clear that your main points will be: Figure 3 - Causes of divorce in Kosovo's society Quantitative research Based on this survey we can conclude that main causes of divorce in Kosovo's society are: After separation, most of the couples start feeling lonely, sense of guilt and regret. In other hand, in the last days we have less cases of divorce, even though the divorce rate still remains high when taking into consideration the number of habitants. Journal of Family Issues, 24 5 , The consequences of divorce Fear from separation can have bad effect on children, then comes the financial uncertainty, loss of the wealth that people possess, all these makes psychological consequences greater than usual. The year that has had the highest number of cases of divorce in Kosovo was year with 9. The consequences are more severe when we take in consideration that Kosovo as a new country, still needs infusions, as it lacks legal infrastructure, constructions and up to financial problems. Trade policy reform requires a reduction in protection and incentives to increase exports, including reduction in the taxation of export earnings. In other words, divorce is considered as the end of the institution of marriage, present in almost all cultures expect Vatican and Philippines. Among which the children are the most affected and who keen to blame themselves as they consider to be the cause of divorce of parents.

Lack of communication between couples

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  1. Think of learning a language. In other cultures, especially in the western countries, divorce is at high cost, where all the wealth is being divided in two parts, and this is why is called "economical divorce".

  2. Studies conducted in Kosovo shows that the major number of divorced couples are ones who have entered in marriage in younger age. However, the controversy over the taxation of non-governmental organizations reflects a serious lack of communication between the Government and the humanitarian community.

  3. In the past this phenomenon was less present in our society because of political, economical social and cultural circumstances.

  4. The things may become more complicated when someone make a wrong decision while working due to language misperception.

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