Kong Tek Cun Ong – God the Protector of Nan An Community

Kong Tek Cun OngGod the Protector of Nan An Community

廣澤尊王 Guang Ze Zun Wang {Kong Tek Cun Ong} was God the Protector of 南安 Nan An Community {Hok Kian = Lam Wa}, since he originated from the 泉州Qian Zhou town, 南安 Nan An Regency, 福建 Fu Jian Province {Hok Kian}. Kong Tek Cun Ong {Guang Ze Zun Wang} is also called 保安尊王 Bao An Zun Wang {Po An Cun Ong} and was generally called 郭聖王 Guo Sheng Wang {Kwee Seng Ong}, since it originated from Kwee {Guo} family. His original name was Guo Hong Fu {Kwee Ang Hok}.

According to many disseminating stories, Kwee Ang Hok in his childhood worked as a shepherd to a very stingy landlord. He lived with his old mother. Thanked to guidance of his mother, Kwee Ang Hok became a noble kind-hearted son and diligent to work. In early morning he wake up and happily wet to herd cattle entrusted to him.

In a certain day, a wealthy person invited a Hong Sui expert to repair a grave of his ancestor. During his stay in the house of the wealthy person, he got acquainted with Kwee Ang Hok and very interested in the personality of such shepherd. They befriended well even though their ages are too distant. Due to the stinginess of the wealthy person, frequently this Hong Sui expert was given to eat rice and side dishes whatever was available. Kwee Ang Hok was very compassionate to this old man, he was willing to set aside portion of his meal for his fried. This Hong Sui expert was very thankful for the good deed of Kwee Ang Hok.

To respond good character of Ang Hok, he gave directions to relocate his father’s tomb to an area which according to Hong Sui was good, in order that later his live was happy. Upon the agreement his mother, his mother followed the directions of the Hong Sui expert. Kwee Ang Hok excavate his father‘s tomb & washed his bones thoroughly, then wrapped with cloth & put into a clayey pot and buried in a place.

The Hong Sui expert gave a message: “From now, you must herd your cattle around this place, until there was a man with an iron cover led a buffalo with a son walking under buffalo’s belly passing over there. The place where the first time you see them, it is there the best position of Hong Sui to bury your father’s bones.”

Such was, Kwee Ang Hok waited patiently. While herding, earthen pot containing his father’s bones had never been released from his burden.

In a bright day, suddenly changed into dark with thunderbolt striking and rain fell heavily. Kwee Ang Hok had no opportunity to guide his cattle went home, so that he was forced to take shelter under a big tree. When he took shelter, from the course of a bend appeared a man guiding a buffalo hurriedly. He used an iron pan to protect his head from rain, and his little son took shelter under the buffalo’s belly.

Kwee Ang Hok was startled to see the incident. Right way he was conscious on the message the Hong Sui expert. Regardless the heavy rain, he immediately dug the place where he was the first time saw them planting earthen pot containing his father’s bones there. It’s strange, when the pot was put into, that hole automatically closed. Happily, Ang Hok guided his cattle home.

Time passed by. One day, the village where Kwee Ang Hok lived, was invaded by a gang of vicious robbers. The main target of that gang of robbers was the place of miserly wealthy person where Ang Hok worked. They robbed wealth/properties and burnt out his house. Worrying flame of fire starting to spread to his residence, Kwee Ang Hok jumped out from the window. Strangely, when he saw Ang Hok, a gang of robbers directly run hurriedly. Big fire that passed Ang Hok also got smaller and extinguished like being poured by water. Ang Hok didn’t realize the said matter, but village’s inhabitants witnessing the miracle event were surprised. Since the said event, all people have been respected to him, moreover the miserly wealthy person. Kwee Ang Hok was not allowed to herd any longer, otherwise was given a life allowance in order to be live properly with his mother.

After being adult, one day Ang Hok got a whisper that he would received God’s gift/ blessing to become a holy man. He told the said matter to his mother. Then he took a bath, shampooed & meditated inside the room along the day. Toward twilight, his mother seeing her son didn’t get out of room since the morning then pushed the door of room where his son meditated. How surprised she was when witnessing Kwee Ang Hok body together with his chair floating in the sky in the state of meditating. In a moment, she immediately pulled down feet of her son, but she felt his son’s feet were cold & stiff. She had just realized that his son was dead. The village’ inhabitants have since respected and worshipped Kwee Ang Hok a holy man, and built a temple for him.

In the end, since Kwee Ang Hok often appeared and provided assistance if natural disasters occurred, then inhabitants awarded a title Kong Tek Cun Ong meaning that a Noble King who provide affluent blessing. Or in short was called Kwee Seng Ong.

Kong Tek Cun Ong was presented as a youth wearing a grandeur dress when a leg was folded and the other dangled downward, like when he was pulled by his mother. His birthday is celebrated on the 22nd day of 8th month of China Calendar (Imlek ), and died on the 22nd day of 2nd month of Imlek.(*)




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Kong Tek Cun Ong – Dewa Pelindung Masyarakat Lam Wa

Kong Tek Cun Ong – Dewa Pelindung Masyarakat Lam Wa


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