Cai Sin Ya – God of Wealth

Cai Sin Ya – God of Wealth

Among so many gods, if only any selection held through voting: “Which God is loved very much?” Probably財神爺 Cai Shen Ye {Hok Kian = Cai Sin Ya} would be elected by obtaining the majority vote. However, reality of life in this world, human necessities /demands for money /property, would never end forever. Meanwhile, whether Cai Shen could really grant wealth or not, and the existence of God of Money himself, more or less could satisfy the fantasy of the masses on wealth.

God of Wealth who was believed in the circle of the common people is various, there are文武財神 Wen Wu Cai Shen {Bun Bu Cai Sin}God of Civil & Military Wealth, 五路財神 Wu Lu Cai Shen {Ngo Lo Cai Sin}God of Wealth from Five Streets, 增福財神 Zeng Fu Cai Shen {Tiam Hok Cai Sin}God of Wealth for Increasing Prosperity, and so on. Tu Di Gong {Tho Tek Kong}God of Earth was Cai Shen, the most popular among all people.

Cai Sin Ya has a wide area of honor. Worship to Cai Shen, not only at temples, also in the houses of people.

武財神 Wu Cai Shen (God of Military Wealth) are 玄壇元帥趙公明 Xuan Tan Yuan Shuai Zhao Gong Ming {Hian Tan Gwan Swe Tio Kong Beng} and 關公 Guan Gong {Kwan Kong}.

Background of Cai Shen Ye story is several versions. The most famous one is the Story of趙公明 Zhao Gong Ming {Tio Kong Beng} which was written in封神榜 Feng Shen Bang (List of Gods’ Bestowal). It was told in Feng Shen Bang as follows:

Emperor Zhou Wang {Tiu Ong} from Shang Kingdom ordered Wen Zhong {Bun Tiong} his well-known general, to attack Xi Chi, a defending basis of Wen Wang {Bun Ong} troops. To achieve that purpose, Wen Zhong asked for help from 6 sick people to form row formation called Shi Jue Zhen {Si Ciap Tin} – Ten Rows of Destroyers. But姜子牙 Jiang Zi Ya succeeded to destroy 6 of them. Watching his defeat, Wen Zhong asked Zhao Gong Ming’s help which was at that time was living as a hermit at the cave of Lou Fu Dong, E Mei Shan {Go Bi San} Mountain.

Zhao Gong Ming stated his readiness/ willingness to help. When he came down from the mountains, a big tiger attacked. That tiger couldn’t do anything under accusation of his 2 fingers. Then he rode the tiger that was tied its neck with angkin (a kind of cloth). On the forehead of the tiger was stuck a sheet of Hu (amulet letter). Afterward that tiger became his vehicle & surrendered to his instruction.

By riding the tiger, Zhao Gong Ming fought with Jiang Zi Ya. After several steps, Zhao Gong Ming took out his supernatural sharp weapon & beat up Jiang Zi Ya until collapsed & killed. But, Guang Cheng Zi {Kong Sheng Cu} came and then helped Zi Ya so that he lived again. Huang Long Zhen Ren {Wi Liong Cin Jin} got out and fought with Zhao Gong Ming, but he was captured by magic power rope of Zhao Gong Ming. Chi Jing Zi AND Cheng Zi were also knocked down by such hermit with many supernatural powers.

Then Jiang Zi Ya obtained help from Xiao Sheng, a supernatural man from Wu Yi Shan Mountain. All last will and testament from Zhao Gong Ming were grabbed successfully. Since being ashamed, Zhao Gong Ming escaped to San Xian Dao Island (Island of 3 Gods) to meet Yun Xiao Niang Niang, a supernatural female hermit. Zhao Gong Ming borrowed a magic power scissors to Yun Xiao Niang Niang to retake his last will and testament seized by the enemies.

It is found that that magic power scissors were 2 dragons that have changed their appearances, with extraordinary abilities. Many supernatural Gods from the circle of Jiang Zi Ya were cut into 2 parts & killed due to these magic power scissors. Jiang Zi Ya was nervous, his soldiers also became fear. At this critical moment, arrived a Taoist from Gun Lun Shan {Kun Lun San} Mountain named Lu Ya. Lu Ya asked Jiang Zi Ya to create a doll made of grasses. On such grass-made doll body was put a piece of paper written the name of Zhao Gong Ming. In the head & feet of doll were installed a little oil lamp. In the front of the said Zhao Gong Ming doll was performed worship for 21 days consecutively. Jiang Zi Ya, upon advice of Lu Ya, prayed there several days. He kept praying until one day Zhao Gong Ming felt his heart beat, his body was felt uncertain hot-cold. His spirit & energy disappeared. On the 21st day, after washing his hair, Jiang Zi Ya stretched out an arch & directed arrows to the left eye of the said grass-made doll. Zhao Gong Ming who was in the side of Shang troops, suddenly felt his left eye was severe ill & then became blind. The next Jiang Zi Ya’s arrow was aimed at the right eye of Zhao Gong Ming’s doll & the third arrow was aimed at its heart. Finally sick Zhao Gong Ming was killed by the arrow of Jiang Zi Ya.

After Wen Wang successful in destroying Shang Troops & established Zhou, Jiang Zi Ya Dynasties to perform the instructions of their Master in order to inaugurate the angles. Zhao Gong Ming was awarded the title Jin Long Ru Yi Zheng Yi Long Hu Xuan Tan Zhen Jun that in short was called正一玄壇真君 Zheng Yi Xuan Tan Zhen Jun {Ceng It Hian Than Cin Kun}.  Xuan Tan Zhen Jun had 4 escorts called 財神使者 Cai Shen Shi Zi, Envoy to God of Wealth, namely:

  1. 招寳天尊蕭升Zhao Bao Tian Zun Xiao Sheng (Angle for Calling Magic Jewel)
  2. 納珍天尊震寳Na Zhen Tian Zun Zen Bao (Angle for Collecting Valuables)
  3. 招財使者陳九公Zhao Chai Shi Zhe Chen Jiu Gong (Wealth Calling Envoy)
  4. 利市仙官姚少司Li Shi Xian Guan Yao Shao Si (Official of God of Benefit)

Xuan Tan Zhen Jun together with his 4 escorts were often showed together in the form of picture & called Wu Lu Cai Shen {Ngo Lo Cai Sin} – God of Wealth from Five Streets.

This God of Wealth was often showed as a cruel faced- warlord with complete war attires, 1 hand clutched a sharp weapon & other hand brought a chunk of gold, rode a black tiger. It constituted a description based on such Feng Shen Bang Book.




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Cai Sin Ya – Dewa Harta

Cai Sin Ya – Dewa Harta

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